Sunday, August 8, 2010

My sewing machine broke. RAWR, this should no happen when I am mid-sewing. I would be less upset if this had been my fault but actually, my machine is a magician. You know that crazy ring trick that magicians do? The ones where two attached rings become two unattached rings? Yeah, Betsy pulled one of those. (My sewing machine is named after Betsy Ross, but is occasionally called "Biting Betsy") So now I am stuck until I can fix her. Alas, It was becoming an addiction.

Today was Criminal Minds Sunday. This is the day on which my Grandmother and I gather to watch CM for SEVEN HOURS. Yes, we are awesome. Thanks for asking! Since I am fairly new to the Criminal Minds phenomena, I have yet to see a rerun. This is exciting for me. The last two episodes shown ( a two part thingy) were extremely creepy and only exacerbated my fear of pigs. They will EAT EACH OTHER! This is not normal. Don't try and sway me with their intelligence, it won't work.

My dear friend, Alison, got tickets for the midnight showing of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. SQUEEEEEE
I expect this to be much more awesome than the midnight showing of Eclipse. Much, much more. I wonder if they will X our hands?

Lola has been trying out her new seatbelt. She seems cool with it.

This is how we roll!


  1. Eeek! Without a sewing machine you cannot make cool collars! It is a day of much mourning. :(

  2. What a safe seat belt!
    What a comfortable seat belt!
    What a stylish seat belt!