Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A day of wonder!

I have to start off this entry by telling you how wonderfully Lola did at Agility last night! She is really speeding up! I also worked a bit with nose work this morning and she is doing quite well at that as well.

Now I have to go on to the day I had today. It was... strange to say the least. Not that my days are ever really normal. I went to knitting at eleven today, mainly to discuss the huge drama in my Knitting Guild. Who would expect such drama?!?! We KNIT for god's sake. This should not be happening. The A/C was out at the shop, and in Alabama this is a death sentence! SO HOT! We spent a majority of the day in the back room.

My Mumsy dropped my fancy new car that is yet nameless (FNCTIYN) off at the knitting shop! I LURVE it! It is shiny, and blue, and shiny! It also has a cd player, which is exciting as my old one lacked a CD player. Can I get a hoozah? Please?

After knitting we decided to venture to Oxford for Mellow Mushroom's Trivia Night. Fun! We went last week for Geek Night. and it was a blast. This week was equally fun. One of my lovely lady friends went with me, as well as my Ginger. Yes, I have a Ginger, doesn't everyone?. He is boy shaped and very nerdy... also hilarious. Getting him to come with us was a hell of a job though. I had to chase him into the GHETTO! Frightening, yes? He was a bit stressy during the trivia, but still funny. I am also fairly certain that he needs at least an hour of social interaction a week, or he will become one of those people who sit inside their house and break into other's computers. We, once again, did not win trivia night but I think we did well. We only have three people on our team! Maybe next week...

On the drive home Ginger scared the Holy Spirit out of me by using a police light app. Not cool, not cool at all. I am a very nervous driver, so this was a bad choice on his part. We didn't die, but we very well could have. Have I mentioned that I am a BAD driver? Terrible, Just ask anyone that has ridden with me.

That is about it for today, Look I am on DAY THREE! WHOOT!


  1. Hoozah!

    I think I'm just more comfortable in warm places. I tend to actually notice the cold. But I didn't notice bad heat while knitting.

    As someone who has ridden with this lady, I will not say that she is Bad; I will, however, admit that it is incredibly unsafe to make any noises, movements, or distracting police lights at her while she drives. actually, if you could just shrink into a tiny, seat-belted ball somewhere in the back...that would be safest.