Monday, August 9, 2010

Class rules.

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE my agility class and teacher. I can not imagine not being in a class, nor having with a less awesome teacher. But some things just make me SO angry. Rather than name specific situations (Because my classmates may find this, and Criminal Minds says that "The Internet is Forever") I am going to lay out the rules I try to go by and wish others would too.

  1. This is my big one. WATCH YOUR DOG. Do not allow your dog to run off and be obnoxious. Do not allow your dogs to distract others. I think most of this rule for me comes from having and training a Dog Aggressive dog (Boomer) . I had to watch her like a hawk and it drove me CRAZY when people let their dog get in her face. That is a good way for your dog to get hurt. When not running, I prefer to keep my dog within three feet of me.If your dog is running about, it isn't learning. Not only that, it is stopping others from learning. Also, my dog is 60 lbs, and although not what I would consider reactive, she does not like dogs in her space. She can HURT them without meaning too. She has a very clearly defined personal space, and her body language clearly says, GET OUT.  Dogs that don't read that are the problem. Honestly, I likely make her space issues worse because I tense up when dogs get too close. This is leftover from having Boomer.
  2. Dropping treats. Get a bait bag, get an apron, where something with pockets. I don't care if you hold them up your nose, don't drop them. There are several reasons, one of which being that I don't want my dog eating your nasty beggin' strips. It is also very distracting for there to be treats littering the ground.  
  3. Clean up after your dog. If your dog pottys on the field, scoop it. Most trainers provide not only an exercise area, but also a scoop in case of accidents. Don't ignore it, because someone will end up stepping in it. That's gross. 
  4. LISTEN. If the trainer says do this, DO IT. Don't be inventive, don't think you know better. You don't. There is a reason you are paying your trainer all that money. Especially in Agility, thinking too far ahead can get your dog hurt.
  5. Do your homework. I am just as guilt of this as the next person. Sometimes weeks get to busy but if you want your dog to succeed in whatever you are doing, you have to work at it. 
That's about it. I could go on, give personal situations but I won't. I am trying to keep this anonymous. 

In other news, I fixed my sewing machine... sort of.


  1. I am so with you on all points. Your post should be enlarged and posted in every training club. So basic and so true.

  2. know the feeling! Sometimes, you'd like to take a rolled up newspaper to the other humans in the room, right?