Saturday, May 15, 2010

Practice makes perfect.

Today has been a very lazy day. This morning I groomed a Pug and a Pomeranian but after I finished those guys I came home to take a nap. Turns out I couldn't go to sleep Instead I got into the pool for the first time this year. Thing is, Lola has to get in some swimming practice. We are headed down to Daytona the twentieth and her swimming is not so good. We are going to Daytona for a poodle meetup. Poodle Palooza to be exact. We went last year and had a  BALL. So much fun. Looking forward to going back this year. As well as visiting with twenty-something poodles we go to the beach. Lola can swim... just not well. She sort of flails with her front half and lets her back end float around randomly. Sorta like this:

Lola swimming

Last year, she EMBARRASSED me! A Dachshund was swimming WAY better than my poodle. Ancient Water dog. Duck hunter. I saw several labs laughing at her... all she wanted to do was chase sand. Weirdo. Want some more swim pictures? I will post them just to embarrass her!

Lola swimming

and a few from last years poodle palooza!

Wet Poodle

a plethora of poodles from last year.
Poodle Palooza

Poodle Stampede

Poodle Stampede

I think this year will be just as much fun!

Week 20

Got my 52 weeks shot. I debated back and forth about using the other pic that explored, but I got this one and decided to use it.

Lola and the Octopus. 19/52

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ok, So I know that Explore is just a numbers game, a popularity contest. It still excites me EVERY TIME I make it. So I have been that excited... twice. That's right. I have made explore twice. I have been on Flickr almost two years. This is depressing to me. Back to the good new. Look at this not so great explored shot!


Thing is, I don't actually think it is great. The algorithm sure does.Oh well, what do I know.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Everybody talk about...

Challenge weeks in The land of the 52 weekers. Pop culture.  I am not a pop person. I  am a nerd. I enjoy some pop music but mainly I listen to weird stuff. Hence the inspiration for this.

Pop Muzik 18/52

Sooo... When I saw the challenge this week, two things popped into my mind. Andy Warhol and Pop Muzik by M. All week I have been stuck on Pop art but could NOT get the song out of my head. Sooo... I watched the video.  Guess what inspired me!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another class and some pics of my classmates!

We had yet another agility class last night. It went well, other than the fact that Lola refused  to do a nose touch to the target. Not really sure why, other than the possibility that the fertilizer that my trainer spread on the field bothered her nose. She also wouldn't pick up treats that I dropped. Weird dog. She was also VERY hot, so I sprayed her down with the hose. She needs a haircut something wicked but I have exams this week so no time for that until Thursday.

We had a new member join us at agility last night. Tammy and her Australian Shepherd puppy,Aspen, are going to start coming to class. We are also expecting another Aussie next week. We shall see. I did not get pics of Aspen but she was ADORABLE. Cutest little dog. She is a blue merle with a black and white nose. I just wanted to hold her!

Anyway, I took my camera to class last night. I don't usually do this as it distracts me from what I am supposed to be doing. This time, I just snapped some pics of the beagle brigade. Shatzi, the golden, wasn't there this week but I might take my camera next week to see if I can capture that little speed demon.

Mark and Frodo


As for my 52 weeks shot, We have a CHALLENGE this week! I love those. Pop culture is the challenge, so if you have any ideas Let me know. Yeah, that's right, I have no idea what I am doing. File this one under desperate pleas for help.