Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Poor Lola had to get a bath tonight. This offered an excellent opportunity for online humiliation. Without further ado I present Lola's 52 weeks shot of the week!

You have GOT to be kidding me. 17/52

Monday, April 26, 2010

Insanity reighns!

I have crazy dogs. This is a fact that I have accepted and choose to move on from. Sometimes though one of them does something so insane, so ridiculous that I am shocked.

Example number one: Boomer. That dog is absolutely buggers. Her favorite hobby? Pruning trees. No really. She is really good at it too.

Got it!

Yes, that is Boomer, Hanging from a tree. Yes, she still has all of her teeth. This shocks me. When she gets the limb she runs around for a bit and will dead leg you if you are not careful.

Lola's version of madness is less intense. She likes to hide in the bushes and burst out like a cat.


Anyway, Agility was tonight. Lola was great even though I couldn't get my handling right. I even let Boomer run a bit with 12 inch jumps. She was super fast!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dirty Poodle

Lola has a dirty nose after some sandbox play in this week's shot for 52 weeks.

Dirty Nose 16/52

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Lens!

Ok, So my new lens came in on Saturday. I like it OK especially for twenty five dollars. The powers that be upgraded it to a 2.5x instead of a 2x. The vignetting though, is HORRIBLE. Like it really sucks. Oh well, that is what cropping is for! I love it because taking a pic of Boomer is now less of a chore.

New lens

Poor Boomer.

In other news, Boomer killed a groundhog yesterday. That thing was HUGE! This killing and other recent events have reminded me that the dogs need their Flea and tick meds. I took Lola in to show to the ladies as they love her and the new vet that just started said she needs to gain two or three pounds. How ridiculous. She does agility and is a VERY fit and muscular sixty pounds. Silly man.

Speaking of Agility, Agility tonight was decent. The pollen is just getting to everyone, even the dogs. Lola is doing well on driving to obstacles and getting her contacts. We did some short tricky sequences and she got them fairly well. Lots of fun.

Well... That is all I have to say for tonight. G'night!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poodle in the Sky.

Lola's 52 weeks shot is up. I had a really difficult time choosing this week. It was a toss up between two very different shots. I suck at decision making.

Anyway, Thar she blows!
Curly 15/52

Really and truly I just wanted to wait for my BRAND SPANKING NEW LENS but alas, that may not arrive until next week. Curse you postal service!

Since I am not limited to posting just one pic here I shall post the runner up. AKA, First Loser.
52 weeks runner up.

No cropping on either picture. SOOC if you will. Gotta love pictures with minimum work involved!

Oh yeah, have I mentioned my NEW LENS. I cannot help being excited, I am new to the world of lenses!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hiking at Cheaha

We had a very nice hike yesterday. A friend went with me and we took both dogs, as didn't bring a dog for Boomer to argue with. Boomer's dog aggression often limits her activities, so taking her along is great when possible. Especially as she needs to lose 5 lbs. She has NEVER been an ounce over 39lbs her entire life and she is 44 at last weigh in. Needless to say, she is on a diet.


Cheaha is a GREAT place to hike. Lovely trails, great views!

The view.

That is the view from where we stopped for lunch. Gorgeous huh? We hope to go camping up in that area soon, but who knows.

One not so cool part of our hike, and this awesome weather, is my allergies. My eyes are driving me NUTS. Constantly itching eyes, a stuffy nose and a soar throat. Yet I refuse to stay inside. Wise choice, no?

No agility this week, my trainer is out of town. I guess that is all I need to share for today!

Ooops! Almost forgot to mention that I ordered a telephoto lens for my camera. Can't wait for it to arrive!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Agility pics!

Took some agility pictures today. That is about all I have to say. I promise more tomorrow, as I am going hiking with both dogs.

Tire Jump:
Agile poodle!

Dog walk:
Walk it!


and Lola's lovely 2 on 2 off:

Lola does a 2o2off because that is what is safest for a dog her size, Boomer did running contacts. My trainer practically had to beat me to teach 2o2o but I don't regret it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So we meet again, soap box.

Hello dearies! Finally got my 52 weeks shot for the week. This week I used a bit of a silly theme to convey something I really do believe in. A HEALTHY diet for dogs. Both of mine eat a Raw/Grain free Kibble rotation. The do wonderfully. Dogs are CARNIVORES and if your dog food does not have at least a named meat as the first ingredient it isn't what dogs need. Did you know that most food allergies in dogs can be traced to corn? So WHY are we feeding dogs corn? Beats me. Lola feels the same.
Look familiar? 14/52

No pupperoni for this pudel! Not that she wouldn't take it if she was offered. I swear I have the least picky dogs on earth. Oranges? Cucumbers? Sure! Bring it on! They will eat ANYTHING. Seriously, they are goats. That does explain Boomer's love of heights... and her horns.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Agility night.

Just got back from Agility and it was awesome. Lola was great again this week. It is like some switch turned within her. She is doing really well. Her trial weekend before last went really well so I hope she continues the uphill climb!

At agility tonight we did some send-a-ways and contact work, then we worked on a "nascar sequence". That is a 180 tunnel, three jumps, another tunnel, three more jumps and back to the first tunnell. Lola was driving to her tunnels beautifully! I love to see her jump, with her ears flying. Here is an older pictures of her doing a tire.

Tight crop

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Header and Family fun.

Happy Easter! Hope yours was as Family filled as mine! We always end up with millions of small children milling around our house on all major, and many minor, holidays. Thing is, I don't actually like children. Boomer did think it was great fun to find the eggs as soon as they were hidden. She also stole out of the children's baskets. Thankfully, no chocolate.

My family does NOT get my love of dogs. The vast majority are not "dog people". The ones that are live much too far away. When we sat down to eat, I put both dogs in a downstay near the hearth but my family refuses to respect this. How hard is it to understand that the dogs are NOT fed from the table! Geez!

Anyway, Rant Over... I feel the need to offer you a picture.

I pee, you feed me.

That is Boomer's face when she has gone out and wants her "Pee treat"

Friday, April 2, 2010

Frank and Spring!

Hello again! Another lovely day yesterday. I love Spring weather. It was eighty degrees yesterday! Anyway, A few days ago I was outside cleaning up after the dogs and I found Lola's old friend, Frank.
Lola and Frank\

Why was Frank missing? Because he was caterpillar napped! Poor dear, he was stolen away in the dead of the night by an evil mastermind. Boomer that is. The heathen took poor Frank and left him in the woods. BUT after a turn in the washing machine Frank was good to go! Ha! Boomer you have failed!

Lola was OVERJOYED when I brought Frank out. I love that it takes so little to make Dogs happy!