Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So we meet again, soap box.

Hello dearies! Finally got my 52 weeks shot for the week. This week I used a bit of a silly theme to convey something I really do believe in. A HEALTHY diet for dogs. Both of mine eat a Raw/Grain free Kibble rotation. The do wonderfully. Dogs are CARNIVORES and if your dog food does not have at least a named meat as the first ingredient it isn't what dogs need. Did you know that most food allergies in dogs can be traced to corn? So WHY are we feeding dogs corn? Beats me. Lola feels the same.
Look familiar? 14/52

No pupperoni for this pudel! Not that she wouldn't take it if she was offered. I swear I have the least picky dogs on earth. Oranges? Cucumbers? Sure! Bring it on! They will eat ANYTHING. Seriously, they are goats. That does explain Boomer's love of heights... and her horns.

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