Monday, April 19, 2010

New Lens!

Ok, So my new lens came in on Saturday. I like it OK especially for twenty five dollars. The powers that be upgraded it to a 2.5x instead of a 2x. The vignetting though, is HORRIBLE. Like it really sucks. Oh well, that is what cropping is for! I love it because taking a pic of Boomer is now less of a chore.

New lens

Poor Boomer.

In other news, Boomer killed a groundhog yesterday. That thing was HUGE! This killing and other recent events have reminded me that the dogs need their Flea and tick meds. I took Lola in to show to the ladies as they love her and the new vet that just started said she needs to gain two or three pounds. How ridiculous. She does agility and is a VERY fit and muscular sixty pounds. Silly man.

Speaking of Agility, Agility tonight was decent. The pollen is just getting to everyone, even the dogs. Lola is doing well on driving to obstacles and getting her contacts. We did some short tricky sequences and she got them fairly well. Lots of fun.

Well... That is all I have to say for tonight. G'night!

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