Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poodle in the Sky.

Lola's 52 weeks shot is up. I had a really difficult time choosing this week. It was a toss up between two very different shots. I suck at decision making.

Anyway, Thar she blows!
Curly 15/52

Really and truly I just wanted to wait for my BRAND SPANKING NEW LENS but alas, that may not arrive until next week. Curse you postal service!

Since I am not limited to posting just one pic here I shall post the runner up. AKA, First Loser.
52 weeks runner up.

No cropping on either picture. SOOC if you will. Gotta love pictures with minimum work involved!

Oh yeah, have I mentioned my NEW LENS. I cannot help being excited, I am new to the world of lenses!

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