Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, I am back to update you on 52 weeks of 2011! Couldn't wait, could'ya?
For 2011 I decided to go with a song theme each week. For the first week I chose the song Simplest Love by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. I wanted a simple song for a simple picture. Here is the song: 
Simplest LoveSimplest Love 1/52

The next week we had snow, which is NOT typical for Alabama in January. So, of course, a snow pic was called for!
The song is "
 If You Could Speak" by God Help The Girl
If You Could Speak 2/52
The next week I did a diptych, with Lola holding my old phone. 
Breakin' Up by Rilo Kiley
Breakin' Up 3/52

Then, this past week I accidentally waited until last minute, but I still got a shot that I was really happy with.
The song was another Rilo Kiley, but one I really like
Dream World
Dream World 4/52

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playing Catch up...

The last thing I did was wish you guys a Happy Holiday season, and I feel terrible! I finished my 52 weeks of 2010, and started a new one this year. I have a ton to update you guys on and, as usual, I will do that in pictures!

First, Week 49.
Alert 49/52

I think that Lola's pseudo Scandinavian clip is really starting to shape up. This was taken right after her groom, and we had an agility trial that weekend... at which we failed to do anything worthwhile.  Alas, better things are to come.

Then we had week 50
50/52 Gearing up for Christmas

The obligatory Christmas shop... with Lola looking non too pleased. Coincidentally, this is my last shot posted with my old camera. For Christmas I got a Nikon D3100, which I love. Definitely a more pleasing camera than my Olympus E-420. I also got a 55-200 mm zoom lens for myself.

Week 51
51/52 Merry Christmas!

And there is my shot with my new camera. One of my most popular images, and lots of fun to do the editing on.
and Week 52... the last one
Rather where we have been...52/52

I sort of wanted a looking back/looking forward shot. I am fairly happy with it.

I will post this years photos in another blog!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays all! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Channukah, the Solstice or Festivus!
Christmas Card

I also need to catch you up on 52 weeks shots!
That one was SOOC, and I didn't put a lot of effort... I was super sick that week!

So the next week, I put a lot more effort into it. Planned all the way, from the shot to the edit. I was quite happy with it, and it explored.
Heartbeat between my feet 46/52

The next week I took Lola to my campus, and got a shot I have been wanting to do for a year.
Lola 47/52

And that brings us to last week-

Poodlenormous! 48/52

I will try to update weekly after this. I did another photo shoot I want to blog, but that will be in a separate post.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catch up!

Wahhh! I didn't mean to, I swear! I got sick, and then better and then VERY sick! I didn't go quite a month, but it was a close one. I will not do it again, I swear. Hmmm... what to update you on, My Flickr stream is a good place to start. Last thing I did was tell you about Weebles, so onward from there!

I carved a Poodle Pumpkin! Isn't it cute!

 Lola also won her Halloween Contest. We won tons of stuff, and had fun!


This is week forty three's shot. I really need to get a kick in my photographical rear.  I will work on it this week maybe.

 I think that has you caught up, photography wise. More updates coming!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I have an excuse!

I swear, I swear, there is a reason I have been away for so long! It has feathers, and is multicoloured!

She is a female Jenday conure. Two years old and quite full of herself. She is a rescue! Should I change the blog title to Foolishness, Fluff & Feathers? (That is a joke, I am not changing it, you can't make me!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I forgot to update on Monday! I suck, I know. So, to make up to you I am doing an extra long post. I was asked, in a comment on the last post, How I do the needlefelting. This is a post to show you/

I start with one smiley poodle, some roving (mostly wool, but the pink is an aplaca blend) a needlefelting tool that holds three needles and some styrafoam(not shown).

I then start to form the cupcake base. I decided to make this yellow cake, but I originally wanted to do chocolate, hence the brown above. Anyway, I stab the wool and sculpt it until I have something roughly cupcake shaped.
Sort of like this... Then I keep going until I make it harder and more firm.

In the picture below, I have firmed the bottom and added the dome.

A critical part of this process is a dog snuggling on your knee.
 Next, add the top layer, once again poking with the barbed needles.
 And TADA! All done! Isn't it cute?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Crafty Friday!

Yeah... I just made that up. But TODAY is Crafty Friday! Does Crafty Friday have a theme song? I don't think so. Bonus points if you some up with one. Anyway, my crafts be here:

Needlefelted owl

Needlefelted owl

Aren't they cute?