Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playing Catch up...

The last thing I did was wish you guys a Happy Holiday season, and I feel terrible! I finished my 52 weeks of 2010, and started a new one this year. I have a ton to update you guys on and, as usual, I will do that in pictures!

First, Week 49.
Alert 49/52

I think that Lola's pseudo Scandinavian clip is really starting to shape up. This was taken right after her groom, and we had an agility trial that weekend... at which we failed to do anything worthwhile.  Alas, better things are to come.

Then we had week 50
50/52 Gearing up for Christmas

The obligatory Christmas shop... with Lola looking non too pleased. Coincidentally, this is my last shot posted with my old camera. For Christmas I got a Nikon D3100, which I love. Definitely a more pleasing camera than my Olympus E-420. I also got a 55-200 mm zoom lens for myself.

Week 51
51/52 Merry Christmas!

And there is my shot with my new camera. One of my most popular images, and lots of fun to do the editing on.
and Week 52... the last one
Rather where we have been...52/52

I sort of wanted a looking back/looking forward shot. I am fairly happy with it.

I will post this years photos in another blog!

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