Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I forgot to update on Monday! I suck, I know. So, to make up to you I am doing an extra long post. I was asked, in a comment on the last post, How I do the needlefelting. This is a post to show you/

I start with one smiley poodle, some roving (mostly wool, but the pink is an aplaca blend) a needlefelting tool that holds three needles and some styrafoam(not shown).

I then start to form the cupcake base. I decided to make this yellow cake, but I originally wanted to do chocolate, hence the brown above. Anyway, I stab the wool and sculpt it until I have something roughly cupcake shaped.
Sort of like this... Then I keep going until I make it harder and more firm.

In the picture below, I have firmed the bottom and added the dome.

A critical part of this process is a dog snuggling on your knee.
 Next, add the top layer, once again poking with the barbed needles.
 And TADA! All done! Isn't it cute?

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