Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes Friday...

So... I did the BEDA thing right? and after that I was like a high school student on Spring break. FREEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMMM! Unfortunately, my blog was left behind on this Commitment Free Month... though I am never completely commitment free, I am still doing the 52 Weeks project. So I VOW to update this blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and I am going to try for Fridays as well. I SAID try! If I don't feel free to come up with some punishment. Seriously, feel free.

Last weekend Lola had an Agility trial. It was her firs AKC trial and she Q'ed in Standard. Woot! Here is the obligatory Ribbon Pic


I also got her 52 weeks picture that at the trial

Is it our turn yet? 39/52
I also met a fellow dogster there, which was cool. She was really nice and had a sweet little merle sheltie!

I also have a video of our Q run, I will post that when I find my video camera. I have some other pics to post, but I will let this one stand as a trial post.

See you Friday!

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