Monday, April 26, 2010

Insanity reighns!

I have crazy dogs. This is a fact that I have accepted and choose to move on from. Sometimes though one of them does something so insane, so ridiculous that I am shocked.

Example number one: Boomer. That dog is absolutely buggers. Her favorite hobby? Pruning trees. No really. She is really good at it too.

Got it!

Yes, that is Boomer, Hanging from a tree. Yes, she still has all of her teeth. This shocks me. When she gets the limb she runs around for a bit and will dead leg you if you are not careful.

Lola's version of madness is less intense. She likes to hide in the bushes and burst out like a cat.


Anyway, Agility was tonight. Lola was great even though I couldn't get my handling right. I even let Boomer run a bit with 12 inch jumps. She was super fast!

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