Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Header and Family fun.

Happy Easter! Hope yours was as Family filled as mine! We always end up with millions of small children milling around our house on all major, and many minor, holidays. Thing is, I don't actually like children. Boomer did think it was great fun to find the eggs as soon as they were hidden. She also stole out of the children's baskets. Thankfully, no chocolate.

My family does NOT get my love of dogs. The vast majority are not "dog people". The ones that are live much too far away. When we sat down to eat, I put both dogs in a downstay near the hearth but my family refuses to respect this. How hard is it to understand that the dogs are NOT fed from the table! Geez!

Anyway, Rant Over... I feel the need to offer you a picture.

I pee, you feed me.

That is Boomer's face when she has gone out and wants her "Pee treat"

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