Sunday, August 15, 2010

I took Lola darlin' to the park today. She enjoyed it, I think. I took some pictures, my main goal was to get a good black and white shot for and new group I am in. Group Learning for Photography. This was my main choice:

                                                                  Heavy editing, but I like it.

While at the park, Lola did some squirreling in the mullberry trees.

We also worked on some obedience while at the park. It seemed to be the day for dog aggressive dogs to be at the park. I had Lola offleash, taking the above rock pictures, and some man came over and asked if she would bother another dog because his dog "bit hard". Ok...

After going to the park I had to go get some gas. I pulled in, rolled down the windows and walked in to pay. I was gone for approximately one minute, and in that time Lola barked twice (I could see her the whole time) and when I came out the man (I say man, he was younger than me. Between 16-17) in the car beside me told me I needed to "Shut my f-ing dog up". I said that I am sorry, but she was just wanting me to come back outside. He then said that my "f-ing dog was to f-ing loud and that he would shut her up" and started to walk towards me. I unhooked Lola's seatbelt and got her out of the car, because I had to pump fifty dollars of gas and felt threatened. He continued to approach until Lola "stacked up" in front of me and begin a deep, low growl. He muttered something else about a "f-ing bitch" and walked back to his car. Wonder which one of us was the bitch?


  1. That first picture of Lola squirreling is strangely beautiful.

  2. Lola looks like she had a grand time squirreling! :D

    As for that punk-ass kid...I still find it amazing how a lack of brains seems to equate to brass when it comes to being a completely fucking stupid dick. Honestly, how do people like that figure they have any ground to act like that? Tell Lola's she's a good girl! Obviously he was calling himself a fucking bitch: they seem to be the only ones who have to act like he did...anyone who has any real brass doesn't have to "prove" themselves.