Monday, August 2, 2010

Trainiers need some sort of Oath...

 I am a big fan of Joanna at The Ruffly Speaking Blog. She is smart, and knows a LOT more than I do. Her latest blog entry made me think about the training I do and how I think of others training. I, as many of you know, clicker train. That is about all I do, yet I try not to limit myself to that. I do not think, in dog training, that the end justifies the means. Perhaps, I am just reading something she doesn't mean in her last two posts. She seems to be saying, " Do whatever, as long as you get what you want." That doesn't sit right with me. I believe that dog trainers, like doctors, should vow to "Do no harm." Correction based training is something that I personally view as viable. It works, it works fast. Dogs are not harmed when it is done correctly. I have never personally trained in that way but I know that it works. I am not OK with things that harm dogs. Hitting is not OK, shocking until the dog screams and urinates on itself is not OK. It happens, and it may work but there is a BETTER way to get to that point. I am not the person to push positive training on a person, I actually try to be as accepting of ALL walks of life not just different types of dog training. I like to compare this to religions, so stay with me here. I am accepting of all religion no matter what deity. I am NOT accepting of sects within certain beliefs that harm others. Make sense? So, if you are going to train dogs, I don't care if you do it with a cape and a magic wand. Just DO NO HARM, that includes turning your dog into a teacup.


  1. I agree, and although I cannot speak for her, I think Joanna would agree too. I have seen her speak out on training methods that "accomplish" a goal at the price of a dog's sense of safety and security. Good thoughts. =)

  2. I feel like the one--well, really two things you're missing are a cape and wand. We should get on that. You're avada kedavras and wingardium leviosas would be (somehow) more impressive!

    When Judy Blume pisses on the wong thing, I glare and refuse to pet her. I feel that this Hurts her feelings.
    Your blog does seem to have had an effect that will prevent these measures that I have taken. But I might think twice next time.