Friday, August 6, 2010

Opinions? and some randomness!

So, I am seriously considering switching to Wordpress. Would you follow me over there? Please? It gives a lot more control, and is prettier! Plus, super easy to switch.

One of my lovely lady friends and I went to Rome today with my Mumsy and Grandmumsy. We acted very strange and sat in a lot of chairs. Also, we bought things. Fun!

I also picked up some more fabric and ribbon for poodlmas's collars. Expect more of that soon. Do you guys think I could sell handmade collars on Etsy? I am thinking of opening a store for needlefelted stuff anyway, so adding the collars would be a cinch. I am quite broke, and even a bit of money here and there would be nice.

I am rather out of things to write about, bummer. How about I make a list of things I like and dislike! Whoo!

  1.  I like dogs (obviously) but not dogs with brown noses. 
  2. I like honest people, but not brutally so,
  3. I like Nerdy boys, not geeky.
  4. People with glasses are the best, but not creepy pedophile glasses.
  5. Brown hair is  the best colour, but not blondes (I like blondes only if they are Australian... or maybe Australians only if they are blond...)
  6. I like free apps for my ipod, not paying over 2.99 for an app.
  7. I like dog figurines, but not the ones with creepy eyes.
  8. I like my fish, but not cleaning his bowl.
  9. I like music, but not country. 
  10. I like children with accents, but not rude ones.
  11. I like a sharp wit, but not a cruel one
  12. I like lists, but not when I run out of things!


  1. Our like lists would be very different; how exciting!

    It is strange the the WordPress istuation was resolved before I read this.

  2. Eh, what's this about Wordpress? I'd be afraid of having to reset all my photo links if I moved Codename Farmcollie over, but I'm interested in why you think/thought it was better.

  3. I've been horrible with the whole reading and commenting thing...I know, I know. Apologies to all.

    Question: is it rude children (with accents) that you don't like? or children with rude accents? If the latter: could you define what a rude accent is? The people would like to know. Thank you.

  4. I dislike rude children, with or without accents. Sorry, meant to clear that up!

  5. Haha, no worries! I figured but, well, you know me...:D

    I do too, by the way.