Thursday, August 19, 2010


You know, that sounds like a disease. Weird. Today was a very melancholy day. Boredom, combined with that oh so upsetting feeling one feels when [real life] crashes in. It sucks that I have to be an adult soon...  I don't want to be. It is so very easy to ignore real life when one is not working and it is summer. My friends leave for college on Wednesday, and I hate that I am stuck here. I honestly do. It's not that I am unhappy with my University, I just don't want to be in Jacksonville anymore.

Jeez, I sound like a whiny ass bitch. Call me Bella Swan and give me a friggin vampire to make out with.
This is what happens when Bella whines one too many times...
Real vampires pop out of his head.

On another note, I have officially signed up for classes that will end up with me having a major in photography. Wonder how that will go? Talk to me in a few years.
On the bright side, when I went to sign up for classes today there was a very attractive British Tennis player. Have I mentioned that I went there once? Twas lovely and very green.That would be Great Britain, not the british tennis player. He was quite pale.

I need to go bathe Lola tomorrow, there is a "petfest" on Saturday that I want to go to.

BTW, I spent like an hour on that in Photoshop. This is sad.


  1. Better than Melancholera?

    I kind of know the feeling you were talking about there at the beginning though. By the way: awesome Photoshopping! Like that the vamp looks like a cross between Batboy (from those fake tabloid papers, of course) and some kind of swamp creature or something...

  2. You're correct. That is photoshop genius in its purest form. Congratulations! You've just doubled your awesome.