Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In which I rip off some canadians, sing really loudly and give you lyrics to a children's song that never leaves my head.

Happy Tuesday all! How are ya? and your mom? Good, good.
Tuesday (other than being a tricky tricky day, thanks Perky New Zealanders*) is often known as Knit 'n Trivia day. Actually... I just made that up. It doesn't have much of a ring to it, but it does involve me mentioning the two things I did today.
First, I went to the knitting shop. This involved me learning WAY to much about Charles (called Charlie by his friends) Manson. Are Manson jokes too far? Maybe so. Foolishness and Fluff, We Go There. Actually, I stole that from Degrassi. Sorry Canadians! You know I love you. While at knitting I got very little actual knitting done, but I learned too much. About Manson and about The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Teenage Soap Operas! Hoorah!

After knitting, and some random driving around, we (Alison and I) picked up another lovely friend and went to Trivia Night. Manson knowledge did not come in handy. Sad. Trivia night was fun but driving home was also fun! Did you know that I cannot sing? Not at all. Not even twinkle twinkle little star. I make the Baby Jesus  Weep.  BUT, in my humble opinion, if you BELT it you can drown out the sad moaning of baby Jesus. I have invented a new key. It is Called the Key of K. Fancy, yes? Just feel lucky that you don't live within two miles of me.
Tomorrow I hope to get a 52 weeks shot with which to present you!

* I went to the UK at one point in my life and while their I learned a lovely song from a band of insane New Zealanders. It goes something like this:

Monday is Mighty Mighty Day!
Tuesday is a Tricky Tricky Day!
Wednesday is a Wugga Wugga Day!
Thursday is a Thugga Thugga Day!
Friday is a Freaky Freaky Day!
Saturday is a Silly Silly Day!
Sunday is a Sleepy Day...


  1. Kamie's Klever Key of K is so hard to reach, but we are experts at it.

    Don't feel too bad about the rip-off, I said "it goes there" way too often today. That really should have been trivia question! "What pitiful Canadian drama "goes there?"

    That and something about the Mansons. We would have aced those.

  2. "BUT, in my humble opinion, if you BELT it you can drown out the sad moaning of baby Jesus."

    I'd just like to say...that right there made me laugh!