Saturday, August 21, 2010

We passed crazy a looong time ago...

You know, I have absolutely nothing to say today. Sooo... I am going to post the top five things I use on the interenet, why I use them, and my account there. Here we go:

1. Flickr: I started on Flickr for the photo storage. Then I found Standard Poodle-Caniche Royale group. I don't use SPCR much anymore, but Flickr has given me the interest in photography I have today. I have also made some great friends with whom I meet every year. My photostream is here.

2. Dogster: I started back on dogster when I was but a wee lass. I am fairly certain that the main reason it exists in my life today is to piss me off on a regular basis. There was a megathread about a year ago that I came off of with several friends that I talk to just about daily. Otherwise, I just shout obscenity in my head at the idiocy of the mass public. This is Lola's page.

3. Facebook: I am pretty sure that I use facebook for the same reason that everyone else uses facebook.
My profile

4. I like to listen to music, I like to learn other music to listen too. Therefore, I use

5.  Twitter, I use Twitter to keep up with people... and Jesus. I exist here.

Soooo... friend me, contact me, follow me, send me dirty pawmails. Whatever.

Look, it is your daily dose of Lola!


  1. I use facebook to be creepy. Is that why you use it? Is it?
    I'm also a liar. This way no one can keep up with me on Twitter.
    How much of this comment is a lie? Probably all of it.

  2. Hahahahaha, loved the Dogster bit (and the dirty pawmails bit too, of course).

    I need to catch up with Jesus...