Friday, August 13, 2010

"I'm just a little bi-furious!"

Yes, that is the quote that sticks out most in my mind from "An Epic of Epic Epicness". Scott Pilgrim Vs, The World!
Alison went with me, 

Here she is, striking a pose.

 Ellen also went.
I have no idea what she is doing with her hands, but it looks shifty. Also, her face is a little scary...

 We left around 10:30 for the midnight showing. That's just how we do things... We got there JUST in time to frighten our fellow midnight movie goers by taking really random pictures. Seriously, they were scared.

I don't really have an explanation for the fake strawberries, in the fake shower. The shower head was rather strong looking though. Maybe it was for the lonely ladies...
After a bit of frightening the moviegoers, we were allowed in the theater lobby... but not in the theater. Instead, they forced us to buy concessions. Which we all did.

What the HELL is a Kazoozle? or a Hufflepuff? 

Ellen, standing like a hipster ( she was dressed as Kim Pine). With added Alison leg!   
So, at 11:59 we started a movie. This movie was unbearable awesome, despite the jerks sitting behind us. As someone who has read the books, I think this movie ABSOLUTELY was as good. Maybe it was easier to do because it started as a graphic novel? Who knows, but it was AWESOME. I would even say COLOSSAL. I am not going to do a summary because it is WELL worth the 6-10 dollars to go see it. So do. Now. I command it. If I can get someone to go with me, I will go again. GO.

Need more convincing? How about reaction faces?


Ellen's face was too shocked to show on camera.

My friends, they are so full of normal. Yes, Alison is dressed as Ramona. These are their "Whatever, Ugh" faces. See the movie and you will understand! 

I would like to note that, despite the pictures shown here, Ellen is commonly considered a NORMAL person.

Yet we know that Being Normal is Vastly Overrated!


  1. Alas, that I and my epically violent violet hair cannot be with you to see this most epically epic adaptation. I can also pass as a normal person ... or as Snow White gone goth ... and plum.

  2. Just so you know, I wrote my blog before I read this, so any similarities are because We Were Both There Doing the Same Thing.

    In theory, Ellen is holding her phone between her legs. But it is more amusing to think something else.