Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poodle Palooza and the beach.

Back from Florida and it was SOOO much fun! Our first full day there we visited a beach in New Smyrna. I have mentioned before that Lola is not a swimmer.It's true, she is no great shakes at the doggy paddle. She just likes to cling to me. When not clinging she splashes... a lot!


While we were out splash... I mean swimming one of our fellow dog beach-ers called our attention to a bit farther out. Lo and behold, DOLPHINS!


Anyway, our main goal, The Poodle palooza was a ball! Lotsa poodles and Lotsa poodle people! As it should be:

It is so much fun to be around multiple dogs of the same breed. The similarity in play style  is astounding to watch.

The day after the palooza we went to the beach with a fellow poodler, Jenni, and her poodle, Rufus. That was also lots of fun, complete with more dolphins.

This blog post is late because I have had a busy couple of weeks. I am now in Topsail Island, NC sans poodle. 

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