Saturday, June 19, 2010

Week 24.

Photography for me lately has just been blah. No inspiration, ya know? I tried many, many times to get Lola in my big blue chair but I was unhappy with all attempts. Yesterday, I finally decided that I wanted an action shot for this week. I went outside and chased Lola around with the camera for about ten minutes. It was WAY too hot to go longer than that. Hot and Humid. Yech! I got SO many shots that I absolutely loved!

Bob and Weave, Old Chaps 24/52

Anyway, the title to that picture brings up an interesting truth about myself. I am a nerd. Yeah, you know I am a dog nerd, but I am a REAL nerd. That photo's title is a reference to the Redwall series of books.  I go to Wizard Rock Concerts (Harry Potter based music), I read classic lit. for fun. I watch Anime, read Manga, and like to spend my weekends playing Video games with my friends, baking cookies or just geeking out and watching Youtube vids. I KNIT for God's sake. Normalcy is not my thing. I do not play World of Warcraft because I have a ridiculous fear that I would wake up months nay YEARS later in a gamer's rehab. I use words like NAY. I love YA novels, but not the cool kid kind. No Twilight for me, no I am much more of a John Green/Maureen Johnson kinda girl. I make Ninja jokes. I am planning a Pirate themed party. I have entire series of shows that I watch made only for the internet. I spend WAY too much time on the interwebz. I use words like interwebz. I occasionally say roflmao out loud... phonetically. I just finished knitting a platypus from Phineas and Ferb. I collect dog figurines (only the classy ones).

 I am totally okay with being a Nerd. So OK with it that I capitalize it. I think that this nerdy part of me is part of what makes me interesting. I know that this is a dog blog, but I wanted to share some info about myself.


  1. Power to the nerds ... computer power. For watching web series and reading web comics, of course. ;) Too bad you don't live closer, for assuredly I would be crashing your pirate party and having some kind of mad tea party myself ... with tiny cakes, of course. Hmm. Wonder if they were green fairy cupcakes that Alice ate? ;P

  2. Hey, I like classic lit. Most of what a friend and I do any time we hang out is play Rockband or Guitar Hero...and watch YouTube videos. We also hang out with his folks and watch Tv (on one occasion it was Dr. Ruth -- a sex show) and go to BK at midnight.

    By the way...can I come to the pirate party? I'll dress in character.

    I'd say with a parrot, but...a bad idea with my ma's birds, methinks.