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Me: Lola, come on, stop goofing around, Lexi, Myles, and Kiera tagged you!
Lola: They tagged me? Wait, is that those dogs from the poodle palooza? The ball obsessed ones?
Me: Yeah, and their sister, Lexi.
Lola: Oh yes, I remember them. They are not here to tag me! It is much too hot for tag anyway.
Me: Not that sort of tag!
Lola: I thought Mulligan's mom, Lin, gave me that tag...
Me: Not that sort of tag either, they want you to tell 10 facts about yourself.
Lola: Oooooh, I see now. What to say, what to say...
Kamie: Why don't you start off at your first home?
Lola: Do I have too, that was horrid? Oh well, might as well.

Fact 1: Lola: The first year of my life sucked. I know, I know, not lady like to say that, but it did. I came from what Mom calls a "back yard breeder" No idea why she calls it that, we never saw the backyard. We stayed in a crate with my first mom (The poodle shaped one). Six weeks of that and I went to a new home with this REALLY nice man. He loved me very much for a few months but he was very sick. Soon, he went away. After that his wife, who was not fond of me, tied me up. Under a porch. That is why I don't like to be tied up. Soon, she had to go on a trip and she gave me to another lady, My third mommy. She loved me very much and had another poodle, Petie. He was fun to play with, but I got bored sometimes and chased the neigbour's horses. My third Mommy was a teacher and had a student that loved dogs a LOT and worked as a groomer. One day that student came to pick me up. I was afraid at first but she was cool and gave we some awesome chicken.
Kamie: That was me! Did you like the chicken a lot?
Lola: Very much so, can I have some now?
Kamie: finish your facts!
Lola: Oh yeah, on to...

Fact 2: I wear bows and bandannas a LOT. A lot of people think this is silly and makes me look dumb. Mom and I think that I look like a pretty lady. I don't just wear them for no reason, I have a little cousin, who is VERY VERY afraid of dogs. Turns out, when I wear bows and bandannas I am less scary! She loves me now and so do other children. I like kids too, they are often very sticky and tasty! I did not have very much socialization as a puppy with kids but I think they are pretty cool now.
Kamie: I wish you wouldn't lick children, some parents don't like that.
Lola: But they taste so good! Especially the ones with ice cream!

Fact 3: I am very very smart!
Kamie: Conceited much?
Lola: It is true!! Let me talk to the people, stop talking.
Kamie: fine! go on!
Lola: My mom has this thing, called a clicker, and I learn tons of tricks with it. I also do agility and obedience. I like agility the best, obedience is much too serious. My favorite is learning tricks. I know how to sit up, roll over, play dead, heel backwards, weave through mom's legs, weave backwards through mom's legs, carry the newspaper, speak, whisper, heel between mom's legs, jump up. I know how to sit up on my back legs and pray, how to wave, how to shake hands, spin (to the right), twirl (to the left) and lots more!
Kamie: Impressive!
Lola: I know, right!

Fact 4: I have a sister. You might not know this, because she HATES the camera. Runs away when ever it comes out. She is an Australian Cattle dog/ border collie mix. She also happens to be one of Satan's minions.
Kamie: LOLA!
Lola: What, it's true! Anyway, she used to do agility too, but she hurt her leg and can't do it anymore. She is nuts, she likes to hang from trees by her mouth. She also likes to be outside more than she likes to be inside. She only comes in, willingly, at night, when is is too hot, or too cold. I think that is because she is Australian. Australians are better with the heat than we Europeans are.

Fact 5: I am a poodle! Obviously, but I am also the best kind of poodle, a STANDARD. I happen to be big for a female poodle. I am twenty six inches at the shoulder. A lady never diverges her weight!
Kamie: She weighs around 60 lbs.
Lola: MOM! I may way sixty pounds, but I happen to have a thin, lady like waste. Waspish even! Poodles can have bad joints so mom keeps me thin! Poodles are also supposed to be water dogs, but swimming isn't really my thing. I WILL go in if Mom is in there, or if I see a duck. I also have luxuriously thick black hair. I am a very dark black and I stay that way! Poodles have the best coats!

Fact 6: I like toys! When I first came to live here I did not play with toys, but now I think they are swell! Especially the soft ones! Sometimes I arrange them in patterns. Triangles mostly. I also sort them by how much I like them. The really good ones go in the living room, the ok ones in Mom's room. The really bad ones get "lost". Mom is always asking me why I arranging my toys but that is top secret! This year, Steph gave me this awesome toy at the poodlepalooza. The best toys have textures like that one. Soft, and it makes a good noise. I also REALLY love squeaky tennis balls. Only the squeaky ones, the plain ones are boring.

Fact 7: I used to be a groomer's competition dog. When my Mom worked as a groomer her boss used me in competitions. I had a bad experience and mom stopped that. She cuts my hair all by herself now and experiments all the time. Right now I am shaved close, because it is hot! I like that. I also have what are called "bell ears". Mom says that is fits my ditzy personality. She also really likes how they bounce when I run. I used to get bad ear infections, but shaved ears have helped a lot with that. My least favorite part of being groomed is having my feet shaved.
Kamie: Why?
Lola: They tickle!

Fact 8: I eat a very cool diet! Mom feeds me half grain free kibble/ half raw! I like the raw parts best. Well... except for the liver, those are yucky.
Kamie: But it is good for you!
Lola: Yeah yeah yeah... My favorite parts are the beefy parts. I love to tear into it! Mom says that is species appropriate. That means that my big sharp teeth are not good for eating veggies, but are super good for tearing meat! Even poodles are related to wolves. I also happen to think that garbage is species appropriate.
Kamie: You know better!
Lola: But it is so good!

Fact 9: I don't like car rides very much. I was in pretty bad car wreck, Mom flipped her car and I escaped and was gone for a good while. Ever since then car rides have been a little scary. I am better now, but sometimes on bumpy roads I get nervous still. Mom buckles me in EVERYTIME now. This makes me safer!

Fact 10: I love my Mom, Grandmom, and Great Grandmom. VERY VERY much. Mom says I have separation anxiety. Really, I just miss her so so much that I get a little scared. This morning I jumped out of the car window because she was standing too far away. Mom was REALLY scared but I was ok.

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