Saturday, June 12, 2010


Maybe you have noticed, Oh non-visible readers, that I have not updated in quite some time. Sorry about that, super quiet followers! I have TWO whole 52 weeks shots to show you! I have been naughty, very naughty! It's just that this week was the Glee Season finale and that put me in a slump. Plus I just got back from Topsail Island, NC. It was beautiful, but no pictures as I forgot my camera completely. Sorry again! And you know, sometimes I just feel that this blog is pointless, other than the fact that I enjoy writing it. Also, you may notice I have changed  the layout. Less pretty, but better for picture viewing!

Where was I? Oh yeah! 52 Weeks shots!

The first one I am not proud of at all. It was taken in like ten minutes on a Sunday night. Oh well...
 I much prefer this week's shot!


  1. Nice smile in that second shot. :)

  2. Late, but, still figuring out this blog thing -- yea, still gotta make one, too.

    Anyways: glad to see one of the pics I liked for the project was the chosen pic! :D

    Hopefully I might comment more often. Still working on a title for my own, but I think I'm close...possibly...

  3. Oh, snazzy layout, by the way