Thursday, July 29, 2010

Suzy FRIGGIN Homemaker.

Ok, let me start off by saying that I am a "creative person". I knit, I needlefelt, I take pictures. I do NOT sew. Never ever. I DO have thousands of pictures in my mind of things I want to make. Soooo.... I broke out the sewing machine. Originally, I just wanted to make Lola a cool coat. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so. So I did it. No more than 1 inch in a straight line.
Fancy, yes? No, not fancy at all.

So, I didn't put the sewing machine away. It just SAT there. TEMPTING me! Fiend, it KNOWS that anytime I touch it death is imminent. My bobbin gets tangled, It ends up with large amounts of sadness. Sad sad sad sadness. Despite that, I once again sat down in front of this device of torture. I have an addiction, a bad one. I love collars. I luuuuuuuurve them. So I made one. And it turned out OK. See?

Again, see?

Little bit more fancy. Yes?

So then I took it ONE step further. I wanted a martingale. I WANTED one. Yes, she already has a ton but none like THIS!

So, I guess the machine did not explode. I am making more collars tonight. Wish me luck. By the way, all collars made of things found around the house!


  1. Hahaha, more collars? Suppose I shouldn't be surprised, huh?

    Hope the sadness remains at bay!

  2. Awesome collars, awesome seamstress

  3. Those are gorgeous collars though! I'm trying to learn to make my own too, but my version currently would involve a heavy-duty stapler and some fabric...Anyways! Yours are much much better!

  4. Sad to say, the main reason I would ever want to get a sewing machine would be to make collars and pet bandannas.