Saturday, March 27, 2010

Testing 1... 2...

Hi! Seems like a good idea to introduce myself in this first entry, so here we go. My name is Kamie, I am youngish, have two dogs, live in the south and I am female. Hmmm... That seems like too little information. My OCD says that I need a list!
Kamie, in list form:

  1. I live in Alabama.
  2. I am not a redneck, nor a hillbilly, nor a southern belle.
  3. I am liberal.
  4. I have one standard Poodle, named Lola.
  5. I have one Australian Cattle Dog, named Boomer. ( Feel free to call her Beelzebub)
  6. I talk about my dogs... a LOT.
  7. I started this blog to talk about my dogs.
  8. I do Agility with Lola.
  9. Boomer did agility until she pinched her sciatic nerve.
  10. I enjoy taking pictures.
  11. I have a DSLR camera.
  12. This does not mean I take good photos.
  13. I frequent both Flickr and Dogster.
  14. I love to read.
  15. Fantasy is my genre of choice.
  16. I have a Harry Potter obsession.
  17. I listen to Wrock.
  18. If you have to ask, you won't get it.
  19. I am a first class nerd.
  20. I enjoy music.
  21. Except, only good music.
  22. I have two horses.
  23. I will not often talk about them
I guess that is about all you need to know for now. Another reason for this blog is to share my images. So, Here ya go!

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