Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday night is alright for... agility. So get a little action in!

Hello again! Monday night is our agility night so I thought I would update for that. Lola was LOVELY. So very good. I was amazed actually. All of the dogs did really well, though the beagle was inclined to sniff. ( He is a beagle...) Once he got over his Clover fixation he was hot to trot! Everybody was super fast, a bit of a problem for the handlers. The clover was slick and easy to slide on. Not good.
Lola suprised me by wanting to play tug. This is a very rare occurrence. Whenever she feels like it, we encourage it. Tonight he object of fixation was my bait bag. The bait bag had her treats and ball in it, so I guess it smelled pretty good. Only issue with this is that the bag wasn't meant to be tugged on. You guessed it. Rriiiiippp! I now need a new bag.

After we finished up at Agility we headed home. Waiting on me was a movie I have not seen. The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Really, really good. You should see it! When I finished the movie I sat down to the computer. Then, in the kitchen I heard a scrabbling noise. Boomer went to investigate before me and when I went in there all I could see was a mouse tail going down the hatch. Lovely. That is life, I consider it whole prey and move on. We don't put out poison, so no concern there.

During all this hubbub Lola was out COLD. She was wiped. I have proof!
Let sleeping spoos lie.This is slutty spoo position number 19. Both of my dogs have VERY hairy bellies... I don't know what that means.

On that note, I leave you! G'night.

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